Formula Is Food

Formula Is Food Campaign: Tracy’s Story

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Formula Is Food Campaign: Gemma’s Story

How you can help

Sign Our Open Letter

Join us in asking NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to reinstate the Health Visitor referral service to Springburn Baby Foodbank, and to commit to supporting their Health Visitors to refer families in need to all foodbanks - and similar services - on the basis of need, including those that provide infant formula.

Don't forget to share the letter with your friends!

Donate Baby Items

Support your local foodbank or baby bank by donating essential baby items including nappies, baby wipes, breast pads, nipple cream, baby toiletries, baby food and infant formula.

If donating infant formula make sure to choose stage 1 infant formula (aka first infant milk); this type usually has a big number 1 on the box. Any brand of stage 1 formula is acceptable.

Add Your Voice

Speak up in support of the acceptance and provision of infant formula by foodbanks, and other organisations that help families in need.

Share our campaign details, social media posts and videos highlighting that #FormulaIsFood in the quest to end #InfantFeediningInequality and to ensure that everyone can access food in times of need, including formula fed babies.