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Introducing the first Infant Feeding Day

Introducing the first Infant Feeding Day

piece (noun)  also peice, peece, 

an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with a filling between them

synonym: sandwich 

‘A hud a wee jeely piece this efternin

When my middle baby was at nursery they had a rota for deciding on what they were having for snack. The culinary variation was incredible, we could expect anything from grapes and breadsticks to rice cakes and petit filous, some days I suspect there may even have been hummus. On one particular day she came home with a dreamy look in her eye and said “Mummy, today we had something amazing for snack, it was just…” and then she gazed off into the distance. Determined to know how to break the fish finger (I maintain that they’re goujons) deadlock I decided to push further. 

“What was it darling? Could I make it at home?” 

“Yes, I think you could Mummy, it was bread, no, two bits of bread. Then in the middle it had…”

“A Sandwich? You ate a sandwich?” Internally: how many tins of tuna and blocks of cheddar have died in the quest to make this kid eat a whole sandwich? 

“Well it had two bits of bread and something in the middle and that sounds a lot like a sandwich to me. What was in the middle?”

“Butter.” Then a very long pause while she appeared to depart from this earthly realm and return to the heavenly nursery snack table once more. “Butter and Jam

“But that’s a sandwich? That’s a jam sandwich….” 

“No, not a sandwich!” This point was accompanied by an almost visible eye roll, as visible an eye roll as is possible for the three-year-old anyway. 

“No Mummy, that’s a piece, it’s a jeely piece” 

This was my first introduction to the Scots term ‘piece’ and it does actually mean sandwich for those of us from south of the border.

At Feed we’ve chosen to celebrate our first ever Infant Feeding Day on June the 6th by holding our very first ‘Piece Talks’. 

Too often, infant feeding is portrayed as a battle field of the ‘Mummy Wars’ but our experience of talking to all of the amazing families and friends who share their experiences with us is that the reality couldn’t be more different. We all have each other’s’ backs and we all have so much support to give regardless of how you end up feeding your babies. 

Enough is enough, it’s “Piece and Love” all round from now on. 

Please join us on the 6thof June by dusting off the picnic blanket, grabbing your favourite piece, a cuppa, and a biscuit (obviously ours is a Tunnocks tea cake) and sharing it all with your mum pals, dad pals, granny, granda and whoever else is in your ‘village’. Whatever’s in your piece we’ve all got a lot to celebrate when it comes to supporting each other through the minefield that is the early years of feeding our weans, bairns and babies. 

Share your ‘Piece Talks’ picnics on social media with the hashtags #PieceTalks #BottlesBoobsorTubes #InfantFeedingDay and let’s show the world that we’re not going to be drawn on any Mommy wars – piece wins and we’re here for each other.

Team Feed x

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