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Feed is the voice of families on infant feeding in the UK.

When we respond to an inquiry we want to make sure that it’s your views that we’re representing, when we write a blog post we want it to be on a subject that you have asked us about and when we wade through the confusing claims and counter-claims that parents come up against every day, we want to empower you with knowledge.

We come with a wealth of experience in infant feeding, both personal and professional. Between us we have over 50 years of experience in providing online and in-person support to families on their infant feeding journeys. We’ve written, campaigned, consulted and probably overshared via our websites – Frank About Feeding, Infant Feeding Support UK and The Baby Detective – and we’ve engaged in infant feeding research in an attempt to ensure the advice and information we give is based on solid science.

The infant feeding world is a small one, especially if, like us, you are championing the cause of all families, breast, bottle and combi feeding alike. So when, like star-cross’d lovers our paths met and we realised we were all working towards the same goals, Feed was born.

We want to create our own united posse of milk mates, because whether your game is boobs, bottles or both, whether you’re cracking plan A or smashing plan B, families supporting families is the best. We’re not about promoting or prioritising any one form of feeding over another, instead we’re about compassion, accuracy and completely non-judgemental, straight-up support.

Creating feed has taken our friendships, old and new, to a new level and we hope that in sharing our experiences we can encourage you to share your own. We look forward to building a treasure trove of open and accessible information on infant feeding. Together, from the roots up, we can build the infant feeding support of the future.

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Erin is a scientist, teacher, writer and Mum. With a PhD in Reproductive Biology and day job teaching and researching reproductive and lactation physiology, boobs are never far from her mind!  She has over 16 years’ experience, specialising in postpartum health and lactation physiology in both animals and humans.

Erin’s interest in infant feeding science and advocacy was ignited after being unable to find science based answers to her own feeding related questions, shortly after becoming a Mum and experiencing very low milk supply. Since then, through various projects, Erin has worked hard to support parents by busting the myths that pervade infant feeding science communication. She continues to tackle this as part of Feed using the power of science!


Kate is a mother of two and one bump. Her career is currently parked while she takes the opportunity to spend time at home looking after her children.

With a background in pyschology and business, her interest in infant feeding is primarily concerned with maternal mental health and a patient centred approach to support. Following a lonely and isolating infant feeding experience with number two, Kate co-founded Frank About Feeding with Rosie to provide a non-judgemental space for women to share their infant feeding stories.

When not-over sharing or lending an ear, you can find Kate grabbing five minutes of peace out on a run with her dog in tow!


Rosie is a mama of two and developed an interest in infant feeding after the birth of her first child. Her focus is on maternal mental health and support.

Rosie currently works in healthcare and has a background in psychology. She co-founded Frank About Feeding with Kate, where women could share their experiences and stories.

Rosie believes that mamas should be heard and supported in their views. When she isn’t supporting the sisterhood, she is drinking copius cups of tea and watching The Great British Bake Off!


Sarah Norris has worked with babies and their families for over 25 years and is one of the most respected Baby Care Consultants in the UK, as well as being a published author. She uses her training and experience to help new parents gain confidence by teaching and supporting them in the first few weeks and months of their parenting journey without personal bias or judgement.

Appalled by the increasing levels of pressure placed on parents due to their infant feeding choices and the negative impact this was having on families, Sarah became involved with Fed is Best, and later founded U.K. Fed is Best in an effort to raise awareness. Seeking to focus on the specific problems being faced by the U.K. Sarah then joined forces with a formidable team of parents and professionals with the same goals, and became a founder member of Feed.

“Bias, misinformation and discrimination have no place in any form of legislation. I believe Feed is the next step in the evolution of infant feeding support in the UK”


Stephanie is a Mum of three whose infant feeding experiences as both a combi-feeding and subsequently exclusively (and extended) breastfeeding mother highlighted to her just how little actually science-based support was available to new families however they feed their babies. For the past ten years (how is it ten years already?) Stephanie has been using her background in linguistics to swot up on infant feeding science and help to run support groups for formula feeding mothers. This led her to the fabulous Erin and the co-founding of Infant Feeding Support UK and now to here, the supergroup, Feed.

Stephanie’s focus is on the way in which the science of infant feeding is communicated to new families and her strong belief that parents should be supported with compassionate, science-based information and that their infant feeding choices and decisions should be respected. When not pondering bottles, boobs and tubes you’ll find her taking bracing walks with her dogs, buried in a book or recovering from the school-run with a nice coffee somewhere-or-other.