We are working hard to change the face of infant feeding support in the UK and we want you to join us to help create an inclusive, supportive and non-judgemental infant feeding culture free of guilt or shame. If that sounds right up your street, read on to see how you can help.


It’s always reassuring to hear that whatever your experience someone else has likely been there, done that and bought the t-shirt!  We hope that by sharing our feeding stories we can encourage you to share your own. We look forward to building a treasure trove of open and accessible information on infant feeding to help you avoid the pitfalls (titfalls?) that we fell into!

Every families’ feeding day will look a bit different; some babies will eat little and often, others may be master munchers! By sharing examples of a day in our feeding lives we can exemplify the diversity in infant feeding and celebrate the beauty in every kind of experience.


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Be kind to one another. Feed is all about helping each other and celebrating our differences; parents supporting parents.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all our fantastic Team Feed members who have shared their beautiful family feeding images.