Our story

With Feed we want to change the face of infant feeding support in the UK.

When we respond to an inquiry we want to make sure that it’s your views that we’re representing, when we write a blog post we want it to be on a subject that you have asked us about and when we wade through the confusing claims and counter-claims that parents come up against every day, we want to empower you with knowledge.

All of us here at Feed HQ come with a wealth of experience in infant feeding, both personal and professional. Between us we have 10 babies and years of experience providing online and in-person support to families on their infant feeding journeys. We’ve written, campaigned, consulted and probably overshared via our websites – Frank About Feeding and Infant Feeding Support UK and we’ve engaged in infant feeding research in an attempt to ensure the advice and information we give is based on solid science.

The infant feeding world is a small one, especially if, like us, you are championing the cause of all families, breast, bottle and combi feeding alike. So when, like star-cross’d lovers our paths met and we realised we were all working towards the same goals, Feed was born in late 2018. Our good friend Sarah (aka The Baby Detective) gave us a lot of support in the early days to help us get off the ground and now, here we are, flying on our own!

We want to create our own united posse of milk mates, because whether your game is boobs, bottles or both, whether you’re cracking plan A or smashing plan B, families supporting families is the best. We’re not about promoting or prioritising any one form of feeding over another, instead we’re about compassion, accuracy and completely non-judgemental, straight-up support.

Creating Feed has taken our friendships, old and new, to a new level and we hope that in sharing our experiences we can encourage you to share your own. We look forward to building a treasure trove of open and accessible information on infant feeding. Together, from the roots up, we can build the infant feeding support of the future.

Team Feed xx