The Feed Vision

Our vision is for every family in the UK to receive accurate, unbiased, compassionate, science-based infant feeding information to enable them to make their own infant feeding choices, and for everyone to be supported in that choice whether they feed via #bottleboobsortubes

Our mission is to work hard to provide practical advice and support to all families, and to challenge policies, programmes or inaccuracies that result in inequalities in infant feeding.


Compassion: It goes without saying that support should be compassionate. You’ll find no judgement here.

Science-based: we strive to ensure families have access to the most accurate and unbiased information

Respectful: we encourage acceptance that families are the experts in making their own infant feeding choices.

Inclusive: Feed is for everyone no matter how you feed you wee ones; bio Mums and Dads, adoptive Mums and Dads, Mums and Mums, Dads and Dads, Grannies and Grandas, siblings, carers and extended families. We are here for all of you.

Empowering: Feed is the voice of families on infant feeding in the UK. We care about what matters to you and will be led by what your families need.

Thank you for supporting us in achieving our vision. We can do it together.

Team Feed x